Heavy rains in La Paz

Without light and with streams running, like this Wednesday night in La Paz, where they closed the passage in 7 fords due to heavy rains.
The heavy rains that occurred on the night of this Wednesday, August 30, activated the Arroyo Seguro Crossing in the city of La Paz; at least 7 fords are affected, since the crossing of vehicles is not allowed; They also report that the light went out south of the municipality.
According to the website of the La Paz City Council, there is no passage in the fords of the IMSS clinic 34, Colosio, Calle Tuna, Avenida Carabineros y Deportistas, nor in El Vaquero, La Fuente.
While the passage with caution restricted for small vehicles was activated in the fords of Colonia Palmar II and Índigo. 

The Secretary of Public Education informs that there is no passage through the stream of the La Fuente neighborhood, Camino Real, Márquez de León and Patriotismo; they assure that they will reopen when the water subsides.
While in the Olas Altas neighborhoods, the Cabo Baja subdivision, Auroras and other areas south of La Paz they report that the power went out for several minutes and has not yet returned.

As previously reported, the strong electrical storm accompanied by a significant amount of water activated the Canalecón stream in the city of La Paz, while Ciudad Constitución was also affected by the water that has practically not stopped falling since the afternoon.


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Content by translation of various local news sources - Video credits: - Baja Weather Channel